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Discover Sintra: A Journey through the Historical and Natural Riches of Portugal

Madalena Sousa
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Discover Sintra: A Journey through the Historical and Natural Riches of Portugal

Sintra's history is rich and fascinating, dating back to ancient times. Originally inhabited by the Celts, the region was later occupied by the Romans, who appreciated its natural beauty and mild climate. However, it was during the Middle Ages that Sintra began to flourish as an important cultural and aristocratic centre in Portugal.

During the Islamic period, Sintra was known as "Xentra" and was a strategic location due to its location in the hills, offering breathtaking views and natural protection. In the 12th century, after the Christian reconquest, it became a royal residence and a holiday resort for the Portuguese nobility.

From the 19th century onwards, Sintra experienced a cultural and romantic renaissance, with the European elite, including writers, artists and monarchs, being attracted by its lush landscapes and picturesque architecture. This period saw the construction of many of the magnificent palaces and mansions that now adorn Sintra's landscape.

Today, Sintra is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of Portugal's most popular tourist destinations. Its most interesting sights include:

- Pena Palace: A 19th century masterpiece, this fairytale palace combines elements of romantic, gothic, Manueline and Moorish architecture.

-Moorish Castle: A Moorish fortress dating back to the 8th century, offering breathtaking views over the surrounding countryside.

-Quinta da Regaleira: A mysterious palace and lush gardens, full of esoteric symbolism and secret passages.

-Sintra National Palace: An outstanding example of medieval architecture, this palace has served as a royal residence since the 15th century.

-Monserrate Park and Palace: An exotic palace surrounded by lush botanical gardens, blending architectural influences from all over the world.

Get the opportunity to live right next to one of Sintra’s palaces, with this extraordinary five-story house that Seed has for you.

On the top floor, Floor 1 you will find:

- Master suite with four-door windows

- Wood-burning stove

- Private 20m2 terrace

- Secondary suite with a charming mezzanine

Floor 0, the main entrance, introduces you to:

- Warm and inviting space, complete with an entrance hall

- Convenient WC, and elevator access

- Combined dining room and kitchen with 25m2 terrace

- Garage

- Living room terrace

Descending to Floor -1, you'll encounter:

- Two apartments/suites

- Two rooms

- Two bathrooms

These versatile suites can function as bedrooms or living rooms and provide direct access to a spacious common terrace spanning 50m2.

Floor -2 showcases a host of impressive features, including:

- Two suites with two bedrooms

- Private bathrooms

- Lounge with an incorporated kitchen

- Indoor pool with a system to swim against the current

Moving to Floor -3, you'll discover a haven for indulgence and utility:

- Wine Cellar

- Maid's room with bathroom

- Gym area with Turkish bath

Check the link to see the gallery:

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